Astound AI helps 55,000 employees request and receive HR, IT, and Finance services for iconic Fortune 100 retail brand.


"We use our most expensive resources to answer the same questions hundreds of times a day. And most of the time, we don’t even give the best answers. Astound fixes that.
                                               - Service Management Lead, Fortune 100 Retailer



This iconic brand selected Astound as their artificial intelligence and machine learning platform to automate the routing and resolution of service requests. Unlike human agents, Astound’s machine learning technology predicts the right category nearly every time and improves continuously. Unlike human agents, Astound can perform real-time trend analysis across petabytes of data instantly.

Find out how Astound AI helps: 

  • Reduce call volumes
  • Improve self-service adoption
  • Save thousands of hours for IT agents
  • Reduce downtime for employees

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